Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting

We provide conference interpreting services for meetings of any size and subject. Interpreting can be in simultaneous (requiring technical equipment), in consecutive or whispered.

Simultaneous Interpreting requires interpreters sitting in sound-proof booths and listening to the speakers through headphones. They translate what the speaker says in real time into a microphone and their voice is fed to the delegates who listen in the language of their choice through headphones.

For each language 2 interpreters are required as they need to alternate every 30 minutes in order to obtain utmost performance. This technique is used for large multilingual meetings or for formal gatherings and is the most time efficient.  and quality.

For Consecutive Interpreting, the interpreter sits near the speaker and takes notes. Once the speaker has finished his/her statement, the interpreter translates aloud reading his/her notes.

This technique is used for smaller meetings and is more time consuming.

Whispered Interpreting (or Chuchotage) means that the interpreter sits behind or next to the delegate(s) – generally no more than 2 – and whispers the translation simultaneously.

This technique is used for small and shorter meetings. It is best suited to discussions or site visits and is not advisable for very formal presentations. Depending on the type of meeting and duration,one or two interpreters will be required. The drawback is a slight background noise.

Youtube Interpreting in a Globalised World

Youtube Interpreters at work in the European Parliament

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