Francesca Geddes-Mondino

Francesca Geddes-Mondino

I  work as a free-lance interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive) and translator and have lived in the UK since 1979. I travel extensively in Europe and beyond with my customers and I spent 16 years living and working in French-speaking Switzerland.

I have been a member of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) since 1981. I am bilingual and work regularly into Italian and into English and my other working languages are French and Spanish.

I have worked for many international organizations (European Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, some UN Agencies, Western European Union, NATO Parliamentary Assembly), in high level political and Ministerial meetings (Italian Parliament and Senate, UK Government Departments including Prime Ministerial meetings at No.10), G8 and G20 meetings in the UK, Canada and Italy.

During two Presidential visits I was at Buckingham Palace interpreting for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I also interpret for well-known celebrities and personalities such as Andrea Bocelli, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Saviano, Silvio Berlusconi, Tony Blair, Prime Minister Harper of Canada, The Secretary of State of the Holy See and a number of captains of industry and Members of Parliament.

I have extensive experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields (cardio-vascular, ophthalmology, gastro-intestinal, renal failure, orthopaedic surgery, periodontology, European Pharmacy model).

In the legal field I have been involved in several company take-over negotiations, patent litigations, arbitrations and other hearings/depositions in the High Court in Dublin and London, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (France), the District Court in Michigan (USA) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In the field of Sport : International Motorcycling Federation, World Boxing Federation, International Cycling Union, Rugby Union, International Fencing Federation, Olympic Games in Beijing and in London.

Live television broadcasts (BBC, RAI, Swedish TV, Swiss TV).

Written translations into Italian and into English of legal and financial texts, documents for large corporations in different industries such as motorcycles, automobile, pharmaceutical and beauty products.