Language and cultural barriers can hinder good and clear communication. Having some knowledge of a foreign language is not enough to get the right message across and avoid misunderstandings.  Over the years we have been called into meetings after serious mix-up had been created by basic language skills. Without professional interpreters a communication issue can prove to be very costly!

Always ensure you use trained and experienced interpreters who abide by the AIIC strict code of conduct and ethics. It is advisable to always have a direct contact with the interpreter(s) in the early stages of planning a meeting in order to ensure your requirements will be met and to guarantee budget transparency.

We combine our thorough knowledge of foreign languages, culture and customs with our specialist interpreting skills and will ensure that your message is conveyed most accurately.

Entrusting your message to trained professional conference interpreters will ensure you can bridge the language and cultural gap.

Conference interpreting
We provide conference interpreting services for meetings of any size and subject. Interpreting can be in simultaneous
(requiring technical equipment), in consecutive or whispered.

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Consultancy and team co-ordination
We offer consultancy services to help customers with their requirements when organising small or larger meetings where two or more languages are involved and several interpreters are required.

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Written translations
We provide written translation services in Word, PowerPoint or Excel into Italian and into English, as well as other languages, with fast turnaround times. We cover many specialties and industry sectors.

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